SMARTening up

Posted on May 18, 2010

Several years ago my organisation conducted an internal survey relating to the training courses that were delivered at that time. As a result of that survey a significant shift has taken place relating to the way in which formal people development activities take place; a very brief overview of these changes can be seen here.

Training course – learning event

Trainer – Learning Facilitator

Training – learning

All about the trainer – all about the learner

PowerPoint centred activities – people centred activities

It is this last paradigm shift, that whilst having a significant positive impact on the delivery of our learning events may have inadvertently sent the message to our learning facilitators that they should avoid considering/using technology when planning/delivering their events – a BIG ask when you consider that we are a decade into the 21st Century!

In order to redress this balance my organisation has recently invested in a number of SMARTBoards including the SMARTNotes software.

Whilst I have ‘dabbled’ with the equipment once or twice over the past month since having the equipment installed, I desperately wanted to lift the lid on all the features that I had not yet discovered in order to further develop our learning facilitators.

And so it was, that on 14/05/10 I took part in a 1-day (because it was done on a 1:1 basis and I had prior experience) SMARTBoard/SMARTNotes Train-The-Trainer learning event. The event was facilitated by Johanna Guest from Steljes who did a fantastic job of coaching me through the many and varied functionalities of the product.

I’m certainly not planning to wholesale replace my learning events with SMARTBoard activities, nor indeed advocate the same to our Learning Facilitators, however I do believe that this product adds another resource to the facilitators toolbox and can turn what could otherwise be a very dry, top-down, non collaborative session into an interactive, learner-focussed, collaborative learning event – whilst taking a very large step into the 21st Century!

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