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Posted on Sep 10, 2010

Wednesday of this week saw me fortunate enough to attend the IITT National Conference & Exhibition.

As always these ‘physical’ activities provide me with a great opportunity to further cement friendships made online as well as to make new acquaintances.

I have been guilty when attending previous conferences and workshops of trying to absorb as much of the content as possible, only to find that when I return home that I have a mass of notes and scribbles that even when deciphered produce an almost insurmountable ‘to do’ list. So I decided to take a slightly different tack with this particular conference and that was to limit myself to 1-2 action planning points/quotes per session, this I hoped would allow me to stand a greater chance of transferring any learning back into my workplace.

So here we go…

The New Blended Learning – Clive Shepherd

  • Your chosen method(s) will maximise the effectiveness of the learning. Your chosen media(s) will maximise the efficiency of the learning.

  • Create all elearning as either a Story, Scenario or Simulation.
  • Ensure that I consider the Affective Context Model when creating any future learning activity.

  • Break up online synchronous activities by asking delegates to move out of the virtual classroom and undertake ‘other’ related activities before returning.
  • Ask my IT Department to provide any facilitator with ‘admin rights’ to the virtual classrooms website to allow them to update any settings without creating a burden on the IT Department.

All in all, some great ideas and wonderful conversations coupled with my new approach to gathering ‘small chunks’ provided another wonderful CPD opportunity.


  1. Hi Craig
    Like the new “philosphy” let me know how you find it., I had planned to go to IITT but funding dried up.

  2. Hi Allan,

    I certainly will.

    I’m going to Day 1 of WOLCE later this month, will I see you there? If not, are there any other events coming up that I might see you at?



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