How to Create Killer Content for Your Blog…

Posted on Dec 5, 2010

… is the name of the online programme that I commence tomorrow.

Like Spinning Plates

I am currently undertaking the Web Content Creation & Management programme, so was a little uncertain as to whether I had the time to commit to another concurrent piece of CPD which took place over 5 concurrent days , however when I noticed that the lessons will remain active for 12 months, I was a little less concerned over my ability to juggle several online programmes.

What has really attracted me to this online programme is the professional curiosity as to whether an ‘intense’, 5 day, mostly asynchronous (there is a webinar) programme can actually work. If it does and I can replicate their approach for subjects within my organisation then I believe that both communications and learning activities within my organisation can greatly benefit.

I’ll let you know how I get on..

In the meantime, how about you? Does your organisation use such an approach, if so for what subjects and how successful has it been?

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