Homework time…. CWCCM Task 5.3

Posted on Jan 22, 2011

As part of the website promotion unit. Certificate in Web Content Creation & Management (CWCCM) programme I am undertaking, I have been asked to create a plan for driving up web traffic for this blog site. This assignment forms part of the website promotion unit.

As part of my research I visited many sites, but found that most of them (Wikipedia included) tended to delve into complex explanations of the algorithms that were used to enable search engines to rank sites, I did however find this site that offered a simplistic overview, along with some clearly defined actions to take away and implement.

As my personal blog resides on a WordPress platfom, I also located this information relating to using the standard WordPress features to improve Search Engine Optimization as well as some additional plugins available for WordPress.

So what am I going to do with this information to better ‘market’ my blog?

  • Use the keywords that I anticipate people will be searching for, throughout my blog entry (although not in every sentence!)
  • If I ever change my WordPress theme, then I will ensure that I select a theme that allows my content to sit as close to the top of the page as most search engines only search the top 1/3 of a page before moving on.
  • Make better use of pingbacks, blogrolls and trackbacks. The more my blog is ‘connected’ then the more chance there is of it’s search engine rankings increasing.
  • Research and install a plugin that will allow me to add meta-tags to my site.

There’s quite a bit for me to be getting on with there, but hopefully it will be a worthwhile investment of time and effort.

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