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Posted on Jan 25, 2011

…… when you really start looking!

Regular readers will be aware that I am currently undertaking an online Rapid eLearning Development programme which is being facilitated by @robhubbard.

The programme is broken down into ‘Building Blocks’ with this weeks blocks centring around Analysis/Design & producing video content for rapid elearning programmes.

It was the video assignment that really got me thinking as I have ‘dabbled’ with producing video content in the past using my Flip camera and the Flipshare software that comes packaged with it, but have always wanted (needed) a reason to push myself beyond the rather simple content that it produces.

The assignment criteria for the assignment was:

  1. Your video should include:
  • Someone speaking, either straight to camera or in an interview format
  • At least two shots
  • Sound
  • Titling
  1. Think about what you want to communicate in the video
  2. Think about the types of shots you want to use
  3. Quickly storyboard the video by sketching out each shot
  4. If you are shooting outside in the daytime you probably won’t need lights
  5. If you are shooting inside use one or two powerful lights
  6. Shoot your video and record the sound
  7. Record multiple takes
  8. Edit and title the video using a video editor – we recommend some below
  9. Title the speaker(s) when they first appear
  10. Use simple transitions between shots
  11. Compress your video for web delivery
  12. Upload the video to YouTube, call it ‘Your Name ReD Video Assignment’ and add a link to it on the Videos page on the Network. For a tutorial on how to do this view the How-To Guide: ‘The Network – Add video’ on the Main page
  1. As a comment add:
  • A description of the video
  • The technologies and equipment you used
  • Any challenges you faced and how you overcame them and
  • What you would do differently if you attempted the same project again

I knew that I would struggle to achieve all of these requirements using the Flipshare software so I thought it might be worthwhile having a look inside Windows Live Movie Maker…

………… I wasn’t overly keen in doing this as previous versions of Movie Maker have been….. ‘disappointing’, however credit where credit is due, I was very, very pleased with the functionality of it.

Admittedly, I doubt that it will be the first piece of editing software that James Cameron will reach for when he undertakes his next blockbuster. But if you are looking for an intuitive, feature-rich and (if you own a Windows 7 PC) – free piece of editing software, then maybe you should take a look…

Anyway, the proof is in the pudding as they say, so here is my assignment submission. As always feedback is always welcome – at this point everybody becomes a George Lucas 😉


  1. Lots of good tips in this post, nice work!

    • Hi Paul,

      Many thanks for your feedback to this blog post, I’m glad you found something useful in there.

      I can put you in contact with Rob at LT11 if you fancy undertaking the programme yourself?


  2. An interesting post Craig. I’ve found that ManyCam offers many options when recording a vidcast you may want to take a look at where I’ve provided a brief overview.

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