“My favourite elearning interaction is”….

Posted on Mar 1, 2011

…. was one of the questions that was posed by Saffron Interactive at their stand during Learning Technologies 2011.

It was a novel idea to capture exhibition visitors ideas around certain L&D topics by asking them to pick a question from a list of questions which included:

  • Mobile Learning
  • Social learning
  • Favourite elearning interactions
  • Effective compliance training

point a Flip camera at them and ask them to answer it.

Simple, quick and effective!

Anyway, here’s my response

Which leads me to ask….

What are your fave elearning interactions?

Are you so passionately opposed to elearning that there is no possible interaction that would float your boat?

Do you have simple tastes and would be happy with any interaction?

Why not let me know in the comments box below?


  1. Hi Craig,
    For me it’s conversation that does it. Whether that’s with my peers or with an expert. Perhaps that’s just because I tend to work from home and don’t have frequent conversations with real people…?

    But I did like yours too!


    • @berthelemy Hi mark berthelemy it’s interesting that you mention ‘conversation’ as that was a key piece of learning that one of the participants in a panel podcast I have just recorded took away from #lt11uk

    • @CraigTaylor74 mark berthelemy Not hard to do if you use Moodle or similar + Articulate. Create a forum in Moodle, and then embed that webpage into the Articulate course.

      It would be even better if you could embed a forum into a page that contains other content, but I’ve only ever come across one system that could do that, and I don’t think that exists any more… 🙁

    • @berthelemy @CraigTaylor74 mark berthelemy Hi Mark, interesting concept. Do you know if this would work within Atlantic Link Content Point? If so, it would help to bring a much-needed collaborative element to traditional self-paced elearning.

      Although wouldn’t it be easier to import the elearning as a SCORM object into a Moodle, run the elearning from within the VLE which would allow a Moodle forum to be added alongside it?

      Of course, this is all irrelevant as I’m never gonna get a VLE!!!

    • @CraigTaylor74 mark berthelemy I think ContentPoint let’s you pull in external websites (not sure though).

      You could use the Moodle route as you describe, but to go between a SCORM object and a forum is a little clunky.

    • @berthelemy Tal.ki and Nabble offer embedable forums. Tal.ki offers a plugin for the Joomla CMS

    • @itsjustcarlos They look great. It’s the embedding in a course that’s the hard bit. Easy to do if your course is HTML or Articulate-generated though.

      The only problem is that users will then have to have two logins, one to the VLE and one to Nabble. Much better if the VLE offered this functionality.

  2. Hi Craig – thanks for your video contribution! It’s a tough question, but since I was the one that posed it to you I feel I owe you a reply in return…

    If I had to pick one e-learning interaction, it’d be a myth/reality (or true/false) exercise. Essentially, it’s a drag-and-drop which can be dressed up in different ways visually and in terms of the category labels. I like these activities because they can be a great way to engage people and to challenge attitudes and preconceptions – I often include them at the start of a course, to show people that perhaps they don’t already know everything about a topic (especially useful with compliance) or that there are grey areas between the black and white extremes, for example.

    (One of my former colleagues, Jennifer Wrigley, wrote about this kind of interaction on the Spicy Learning Blog last year, as it’s her favourite interaction too: http://www.saffroninteractive.com/whats-your-favourite-e-learning-interaction/)

    Thanks again for contributing to our video library!

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