Scheduling a meeting is a doddle, I mean a Doodle..

Posted on Mar 12, 2011

…whatever it’s called it’s quick, simple and cheap to do!

Scheduling a meeting with work colleagues is usually very easy to do as (in my experience) everybody is ‘connected’ via an email management client such as Outlook which allows you to organise meetings around peoples availability as you can usually see their calendar which (you hope) they’ve kept up to date.

The problem lies when you are trying to arrange a meeting with people outside of your organisation who do not exist in your calendar system, again in my experience this usually involves time exhausting multiple phone calls and/or emails around the relevant parties in order to arrange a mutually convenient time.

Well no more!

I discovered Doodle several months ago and had the opportunity to use it ‘in anger’ for the first time during the planning stage of my first panel podcast.

Doodle allows you to publish potential dates and times onto the internet, publicise that information to your meeting attendees, who are then requested to select the option(s) that best suits them. A cut off date can be applied to the Doodle which means that you can be getting on with the more important things in life, whilst your meeting attendees are only taking 30 seconds out of theirs to select their preferred times.

Throughout the process you can drop back in at any time to see which option(s) are shaping up as the faves. Once the window of voting has closed, Doodle will even tot up which option is the most preferred.

Here’s a quick overview of how easy it is to set up.

So over to you..

Are you currently using this tool yourself, if so what have your experiences been?

If this is the first time you have heard about it, can you see any occasions when you might find it useful?

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  1. Hi Craig,

    I only discovered Doodle this week! My friend sent about 20 of us a link asking us to select our preferred dates for a dinner party, and I was thrilled to see how easy and clear it is to use. Genius. Yet another ‘I wish I’d thought of that…’.

    I’m now using it in an attempt to arrange a mass trip to Disneyland Paris!


  2. @KimSGeorge Hi Kim, how could I have guessed that your exposuse to Doodle would have been for ‘social’ reasons? 😉 Ignore me, I’m only jealous 🙁

    Good luck with planning the Paris trip and I look forward to receiving my invite….


  3. Doodle is a great tool. We use it a lot at work. Some of the companies included in the “IKEA world” don’t share calendar system with the rest of us so Doodle has saved me from a lot of boring mail conversations. It’s also great when you have colleagues who refuse to use the outlook calendar and stick with their paper calendars (yes there are quite a number of those at work).

  4. @mattiaskareld Hi mattiaskald A-ha! So you’ve still got some ‘traditional’ diary keepers eh? I also think that one of the benefits of doodletweet is that it’s mobile apps are very effective too, so you can really plan on the move

  5. Have you tried meetomatic same thing… different name

  6. @helent13 I haven’t seen that particular tool so thanks for letting me know about it.

  7. Yeah, It’s my first time to hear about it and it really catch my attention, I’m so much interested! Well, since Doodle is new for me, I have to learn it and know it more. Thanks for this great information I truly appreciate it. Thanks!

  8. Will give Doodle a try it seems to be great way to manage meetings.

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