Do you ever provide a take-away resource and…

Posted on Apr 14, 2011

….wonder it is destined for anywhere other than the bin?

Well that was exactly what went through my mind when I was preparing my ‘take away’ calendars for my Learning Technologies 2011 session.

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The desktop calendars had been designed to provide the attendees with a very ‘loose’ roadmap to assist them in implementing Learning Technologies into their role/workplace and were placed on the tables as a ‘freebie’ take away.

I have often wondered how many people took the calendars out of politeness and were ultimately destined for the bin,  so you will appreciate how chuffed I was to receive this email from Lisa Johnson.

You will be pleased to hear that your desk calendar is being put to good use.  Before I re-ordered it from Mar to Apr I realized I hadn’t looked at blogs so I made the effort to set up a blog page in WordPress!  I just need to get the creative cap on and consider how I am going to use it.  Now that we are in April and on podcasting, I’ve had our Director record a webex presentation.  He was delivering an all staff meeting in London and for those staff that couldn’t make it we recorded it and sent it out at the same time.  It’s the first time we have used the technology for communications and it’s been well received with staff feeling connected and seeing the Director being more accessible.

I’d like to thank Lisa for providing this feedback and hope that she’s continues to let us all know how she is getting on with using the resource.

Which brings me to you Dear Reader…

Did you attend the session? If so, have you had any success in implementing any of the suggestions?

If you didn’t attend, have you got any tips or suggestions for ensuring that your take-away resources make it beyond the bin?


  1. I didn’t have the pleasure of attending your session at LT11 Craig but certainly heard lots about it so didn’t get to see your calendars. I love the idea – what a super way to promote new technologies. I’ll look out for the next ‘take-away’.


  2. Hi @lauralj. Thanks for the feedback on my post. If you’d like to DM me your address I could send you one of the desk calendars. Are you planning to attend the LSG conference in June?

  3. @LauraLJ Hi Laura, thanks for taking the time to read and reply to my blog post. Sorry you didn’t get to make it to my #LT11UK session, but I do have a small number of calendars remaining, if you wish to DMme your address I can post one to you?


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