Do you have a few minutes for an #Intervue?

Posted on Apr 28, 2011

As I was trawling through my early morning tweets upon arriving at work on Tuesday morning (on my mobile phone obviously, due to the fact that I work in 1906 and Social Media is blocked on my work machine) I noticed that John Dalziel from RSC NW had tweeted this

#wdlih Provide me with some feedback via "Intervue": Stimulating and supporting innovation in learning

Knowing that John always has something interesting to share I immediately clicked on the link, but realised quite quickly I needed to be on a PC. In the meantime I checked out what John had to say about this tool on his blog.

As soon as I got home (or as I call it, 2011) I clicked through on the link to discover this site.

Essentially you:

  • Set up a free account
  • Type some questions that you want to ask others (you can add some additional text at this point)
  • Email/tweet the link to the questions and then sit back….

The recipients of the link will see your question(s) and (here comes the good bit) can provide the feedback/responses via their webcam (up to a maximum of 60 secs video per response). Intervue will capture their video responses and allow you (or if you choose to share them, others) to view those responses.

Anyway, as they say “a picture paints a 1000 words” so here’s my initial intervue, and here are my responses why not give it a try yourself? The video responses themselves can be downloaded in mp4 format, so you could even edit the responses together to form a short movie.

My initial thoughts as to how this could be used are:

  • Preliminary interviews with prospective employees.
  • Language training – pose a question in either the native/foreign language and then ask the respndent to respond in the opposite (or same) language.
  • During a leadership training programme ask team members to provide evidence that their ‘leader’ is demonstrating the requisite behaviours. A damn site more accurate than asking the ‘leader’ to write their own evidence (as I have witnessed in a recent ILM programme!)
  • Use as an assessment tool to allow learners to provide descriptive responses.

Please do take the time to respond to the intervue I have set up above, as I intend to wrap the responses up in a video which I will publish on this blog at a later date.

If you can think up any additional uses for this (and I am sure there are loooooads!) please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments box below.

Enough of the lurking! Why not leave a comment? You know you want to...

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