Podcast #9: QR Codes? Sounds like something out of a Bond film!

Posted on Apr 21, 2011

This podcast sees Craig being joined by Kate Graham, Kim George and Paul Simbeck-Hampson to (hopefully) dispell any misgivings or musunderstandings relating to QR codes, how they can be used to not only enhance learning activities but also as a marketing tool.

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  1. Hi Craig – just thought i’d let you know that this podcast sparked my imagination when I heard it. I recently took some video footage from a train the trainer week we had in Bromley at the beginning of the month. I was trying to think of a way that I could try and make this engaging and different and introduce something new in the tech department to the rest of the trainers. After listening to your podcast, I had a fish about the internet for a QR generator and found that creating these is dead easy!

    So – I went onto Toonlet.com to create a cartoon strip, and I found that I could create a character which I could insert into the video. I did a mini interview with a couple of the trainers that were there and then had the cartoon ask the questions (rather than a disembodied voice). I used a free ‘cartoon’ type font from DaFont.com and I also used this for the titles in the video – tying it all together. I then created a cartoon strip with the QR code at the end.

    I uploaded the video onto YouTube and then made the QR code. People can then have a bit of a narrative before they read the code and see the video. I was just experimenting at the moment – I can see problems at work with the firewall for documents etc. the usual issues, but I think it demonstrates what can be possible!

    We’re back in the office tomorrow and I’ll be showing it to some more of the design team on Wednesday, so I’ll let you know what the reaction is! Probably the only drawback would be that people don’t have a reader on their phones, but there are lots of free readers – and it works on my ipad2!

    Keep up the good work – I found a way to put this video together, which I was finding a bit of a problem, so thanks a lot!


  2. @Dames20 Hi Thanks ever so much for the feedback and I’m chuffed to bits that it inspired you to go out and ‘think differently’, I’m sure that simbeckhampson kategraham23 and kimsgeorge will be also pleased to hear this news.

    If you are able to, why don’t you share the video that you have made? It would interesting to see how you have not only integrated the QR code, but also the character you have created into the video.

    I know what you mean about a potential barrier being a lack of a QR scanner on peoples phones, but I’m sure that once people start to see the benefits of using them that they will start to download them; as an enabler to this happening, have you considered adding a shortened url alongside the QR codes themselves for people to type into their devices browsers and still view the resource even without a QR reader.

    Once again many thanks for the feedback

  3. Craig – just thought I’d let you know that this post has created lots of debate in our team. Yesterday we had examples put together and @pete_do_summit and @alanbarn were coming up with mock up ways to implement these codes. Everyone seems to have the QR bug. I think this is mainly due to the ease of creating them. We’re having a bit of a competition within our design team to come up with some new designs and I’m sure QR codes will be included in some of the material. I’ll let you know how it goes!



  4. @Dames20 Hi dames20 Thanks for the update on how you are getting on with your team, it certainly sounds like you are making some great success and have a really engaged team.

    I am putting together a video which includes feedback from learners and really like the idea of posing the questions via a cartoon character. Is this something that you would be prepared to share with others via a podcast?

  5. @CraigTaylor74 @dames20 yes Craig love to share on podcast! Let me know the details.

  6. @Dames20 @dames20 I’ll send you a Doodle in the next day or two if that’s OK?

  7. @CraigTaylor74 that’s fine Craig no problem.


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