Dear John…

Posted on Jun 27, 2011

(Or Motorola Xoom as many people call you)

It hurts me deeply to write this letter to you but I feel that it is time that we both went our separate ways. Sure, back in the early days we were both happy with one other and provided each other with what we needed, you were my ‘first’ and I will always remember the times that we had and I hope that you will also remember how happy we were back in the day.

The excitement of getting my hands on your Honeycomb was almost unbearable at times and I honestly thought that we would grow old together……

But it wasn’t all rosey was it?

Do you remember the time when you froze on me after I’d installed an app on you and you just wouldn’t talk to me and the only way I could get through to you was to let your battery run down so that you would reboot?

Do you remember how many times you promised me that you would change? That you would upgrade to Honeycomb 3.1? That you would give me full access to your SD card slot?

It’s these lies that have hurt me, the deceit that has forced me to write this letter.

I want you to know that I have met somebody else. I don’t know how things are going to work out with them as it’s very early days, they have promised me that they are due to upgrade later this year. Sure they are a little more controlling and it’s unlikely that they will want to experiment to the same degree that you and I did, but they are reliable and proven. If I had to sum this new relationship up in 3 words I would say “it just works”.

I don’t want you to feel down, angry or jealous if you see us out together. You’ll find somebody else – I know you will.

Remember, it’s not me, it’s you.


  1. Aww Craig- it would bring a tear to a glass eye….

  2. A touching tale…so do you have an iPad now? The only tablet I’ve been tempted by is the new Blackberry one 🙂

  3. @kategraham23 Hi @kategraham23, one of the deciding factors was the volume of apps available. Are you sure that BB can meet that?

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