Getting Beyond Bullet Points (visuals only)

Posted on Jun 21, 2011

Once again, I consider myself extremely lucky and privileged to have been asked to speak at the Learning and Skills Group Annual Conference earlier this month at London Olympia.

I always try to facilitate a session that (I hope) has  immediate take-aways for anybody that has attended. I believe that there are enough people speaking at a strategic and theoretical level about L&D and it’s associated disciplines without me throwing my hand in too, so I always try to ensure that I do what I can to offer what I call a ‘Monday morning quick win‘ i.e. something that can be implemented immediately (or at worst very quickly back in the workplace) following the attendees return to the ‘real world‘!

This time around I wanted to offer people the next step in improving their presentations. I get the feeling that there are more and more people who understand the need to move away from bullet-point riddled slides but are not sure exactly ‘what’ should replace them.

It was this uncertainty that I hoped to address during my session by showing some examples. It is these examples that will form the basis of my next few blog posts:

Part 1 – Getting Beyond Bullet Points with visuals only

Part 2 – Getting Beyond Bullet Points with visual and audio

Part 3 – Bringing in the backchannel

Part 4 – The Learners Voice

Part 5 – Getting Beyond Bullet Points live recorded podcast

Part 6 – Tools and resources

But let’s get things started, by having a look at the Slideshare presentation below. At first glance it ticks all the boxes in terms of reducing the bullet points and using images to illustrate my story, but there’s something missing. It would be great if you could take a few minutes to progress through the slides and leave your thoughts in the comments box below……


  1. Wish I could have been there Craig. Looks like a great presentation. Shame they don’t get videoed! ;-(

  2. @berthelemy Hi berthelemey Thanks for dropping by and leaving the feedback. It is a shame that the sessions at LSG aren’t video’d like the ones at LT, but I suspect that this would raise the costs, perhaps donaldhtaylor could confirm this?

    lauradixon raised the issue surrounding the challenges of sharing content after the event itself in respect of the facilitators voice being ‘lost’, but I’m hoping that through this series of blog posts that I will be able to offer some solutions to that problem.

  3. Hi Craig. I didn’t make your LSG session but one of my team did and gave very positive feedback. When I first heard about it I immediately thought bullets in PowerPoint presentations but having read the first blog in this series without the audio I could see the alternatives you were demonstrating. Over the past few weeks I have had a LOT of communications work to do that involved producing written materials for various uses mainly developed in Word then PDF’d. I’ve taken some of the examples you offer and produced some very visual documentation. Early feedback from readers is that this has made it much easier for them to read and that the new look & feel is preferred to the standard text, bullets & screen shots so thank you for sharing these posts! My content development skills just got better and the readers are commenting which is motivational. It inspires me to try harder!!

  4. @TuppyMagic Hi tuppymagic thanks for commenting.

    I’m really chuffed that people are gaining value from my speaking sessions and blog posts. As we have chatted about a few times, it is often disheartening when I am unable to influence people that I work directly with to change the way that they do things which regularly makes me question whether the effort is worth it.

    However responses such as yours help to strenghten my resolve – so “Thank You” – and not *just* for commenting 🙂


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