Bringing in the Backchannel

Posted on Jul 5, 2011

If you’ve not already read my previous blog posts ‘Getting Beyond Bullet Points (visuals only)’ and ‘Getting Beyond Bullet Points (with audio) then I’d strongly suggest having a read of them before you read any more of this post.


Well for 2 reasons really:

1. The earlier posts will provide you with the context behind this post.

2. The purpose of this specific post is to expand upon the subject of the backchannel that is only briefly mentioned in the earlier posts.

The reason that it is only briefly mentioned is due to the fact that I used Prezi to facilitate that particular element of my session. I guess I could have used PowerPoint just as effectively, but I wanted to demonstrate an alternative to traditional slide-ware software.

So grab your sickbags…. here’s the Prezi…….

Don’t forget, this is Part 3 in a series of posts surrounding my LSG11UK session.

Part 1 – Getting Beyond Bullet Points with visuals only

Part 2 – Getting Beyond Bullet Points with visual and audio.

Part 3 – Bringing in the backchannel

Part 4 – The Learners Voice

Part 5 – Getting Beyond Bullet Points live recorded podcast

Part 6 – Tools and resources


Here’s Dan Roddy’s thoughtful blog post on the use of Twitter as a backchannel tool.

Did you get anything from this Prezi?

Do you promote/participate in backchannel debate or do you think it dilutes the experience for you?

Why not let us know in the comments section?




  1. He Craig, nice post, nice Prezi, well done. I wrote about the Backchannel last week in a blog for Dutch L&D professionals. At the same time a created the linkedin group ‘Backchannel Learning’. Join us please if you like (This is an invitation to all readers) and let’s explore the an co-create possibilites together. I’m already curious about part 4. I do follow you on twitter so I will catch up after your announcement.

  2. I used the sap tools in a webinar. It is a nice tool. works very nicely.

  3. @gerdriesen Hi there, thanks ever so much for taking the time to read my post and provide feedback. I’ve joined your Linkedin group and look forward to seeing what it can offer.

  4. @chris_saeger Hi Chris, thanks for dropping by. I agree with your comment with the caveat ‘when it works’! I have found it to be very temperamental sometimes failing to post any tweets and at other times posting from some slides and not others – very odd!


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