Getting Beyond Bullet Points – Tools and Resources

Posted on Jul 25, 2011

For those of you who have read this series of posts relating to my LSG11UK session you’ll know that I reference several tools, resources and pieces of research throughout.

Rather than just sitting on these resources I thought I’d share them with you via this blog post.

You can find the bookmarked resources in my Diigo account or alternatively if you fancy viewing them whilst you are out-and-about, here’s a QR code that will get you to the same location.

If you find anything of interest/use it would great if you could let me know in the comments box below or indeed if you know of any resources that I could add, then again please leave a link in the comments box below.

Part 1 – Getting Beyond Bullet Points with visuals only

Part 2 – Getting Beyond Bullet Points with visual and audio

Part 3 – Bringing in the backchannel

Part 4 – The Learners Voice

Part 5 – Getting Beyond Bullet Points live recorded podcast

Part 6 – Tools and resources

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