Podcast #14: Get your sleeves rolled up and get stuck in”

Posted on Jul 5, 2011

Lisa Johnson shares her teams success of delivering training to over 7000 people who are scattred throughout the length and breadth of the UK, with a team of only 5 people. Here’s how they’ve done it….

(listening time 22mins)

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The Charity Learning Consortium

BT Dare2Share project

Lisa had asked me to consider the duration of my podcasts as she had found anything 30mins+ to be too long. This married up with additional feedback I had received so we decided to ‘rattle through’ with a 20 minute(ish) podcast, which I think works quite well – but what do you think?

Would you have rather Lisa and I discussed things in a greater details but with a longer duration?

Or does the short ‘n’ sharp podcast work for you?

Why not let us know, via the comments box below?


  1. 15 to 20 Min works best for me as I have a very short attention span. Training 7,000 with 5 would be a LOT of work even with the best of tools.

  2. @Coolest Hi there, thanks for dropping by and commenting and in particular for the feedback on the podcast duration – as a matter of interest, how did you come across my blog/podcast?

    I’m sure that tuppymagic will agree with you in terms of the workload/resource imbalance you have referred to in your comment.

  3. @CraigTaylor74tuppymagic

    I’m a Google search freak and I’am always clicking on links of interest.I worked in retail for over 35 years and managed several teams of 5 to 50.


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