Podcast #17: Bill Gates is calling!

Posted on Jul 31, 2011

I recently asked the good folks of Twitter this…

Help please! Pls send 1 tweet with any of the many eLearning methods that immediately spring to your mind. Pls RT
Craig Taylor


22 people responded and their suggestions formed this Wordle


As expected the usual suspects were mentioned numerous times, however simulations and games based activities were only mentioned by 1 person, so I thought I would have a chat with Chris Brannigan from Thinking Worlds about the possible reasons that for many people ‘simulations’ and ‘immersive environments’ don’t figure when it comes to suggesting elearning methods and how a new FREE authoring platform may be the ‘break in’ to the simulation world that many people are looking for.

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  1. We looked at Thinking Worlds a few weeks ago. Lee was getting quite excited, I see the potential value but I don’t see us getting the time freed up to develop something worthwhile. That said, we might be able to do something a little further downmarket using some 3d photography software linking to hotspots. I’ll get the details tomorrow and share.

  2. @memarkyb Hi memarkyb as always finding the time to get to grips with these tools is a challenge in itself, regardless of how much benefit they may bring in the long run often the daily griiiiiiiind just get in the way (of having fun) 😉

    I know that hopkinsdavid has some experience of developing content within Thinking Worlds so maybe he might pop in here to offer some ideas as to the development time involved.


  1. Podcast #17: Bill Gates is calling! | Tayloring it… | Innovative Instructional Design | Scoop.it - [...] Podcast #17: Bill Gates is calling! | Tayloring it… [...]

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