A change is as good as a rest

Posted on Jan 22, 2012

For some time now, I have been reflecting upon my use of Twitter.

Over recent months I have found my Twitter stream to contain little, if anything of true value to me personally. It’s either been stuff that I ‘get‘, stuff that I’m not interested in or RTs of other peoples stuff (again, that I already ‘get’ or that I’m not interested in). I’ve also noticed that the way I have been accessing Twitter has most definetly fallen into the ‘from a mobile device’ category – even when I’m sat in front of a PC! (I guess that as I am ‘mobile’ myself a lot nowadays, this has helped to form the habit)



  • the fact that I access Twitter a LOT from my mobile devices
  • my perception that I haven’t been getting a lot from it recently
  • that I’ve had a G+ account from Day 1, but have never really ‘dug into it’

I decided to uninstall Twitter from my mobile devices and use that same habit and time to concentrate on Google +.

Uninstalling Twitter from my mobile devices. Focusing on G+ from now on. Tatty-bye
Craig Taylor

What I hadn’t counted on was the response from some members of my network in response to this. Some people genuinely asked “why“, others jokingly said I’d ‘be back‘, one accused me of Social Media snobbery and others sent quite ……. ‘colourful‘ DMs; which depending on what mood I’m in over the coming weeks I might just embed in a follow-up blog post….. (that’ll teach ya!)

Now it’s not that some people responded in the way they did that I am puzzled by (only last week I sent a tweet that some people considered a personal attack, so I’m not overly guarded myself as to how I use Twitter) it’s more the issue that my decision to uninstall Twitter from my mobile devices (I never said that I was stepping away from Twitter, or closing my account, just that I was uninstalling it from my mobile devices to focus on G+) should have generated such a feeling on animosity from certain tweeps.

Anyway for those of you who do feel that my decision to concentrate on G+ has in some way had a deep impact upon your lives I just want to be absolutely clear that

  • I am still using Twitter but for the time being only from my PC
  • I still have several auto-posts set up from various sources to Twitter
  • I may well return to tweeting from my mobile devices once I have had time to concentrate on G+

but it will be a decision that I will make, in my own time and for my own reasons.

Now why not get yourself across to G+ and have a play…

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  1. @CraigTaylor74 Sensible blog craig. njoy google+. I like hangout – great for more indepth disucssions. less recycling of info like twitter

  2. @CraigTaylor74 Tried to comment on your blog from my I pad but not sure it worked?

  3. Hi @fionaquigs Thanks for taking the time out to read and comment. I’ve had an idea to enhance the communication around my blog using G+, but I just need to sort of the workflow in head and then you’ll be the first to know 😉

  4. Hi @kategraham23 alas no blog comment 🙁 if you tweet @livefyre, they are VERY good at sorting out commenting issues from iPads.

  5. Right second attempt!

    Missed that tweet Craig so hadn’t realised you won’t be around – from your mobile at least! It’s an interesting point you make about usage of a network and how we access it. I am always signed into G+ as I use iGoogle everyday. However, I seldom go into it to check it out and to be honest I’m not even sure why that is. Possibly I’ve not had anything useful out of it so haven’t been compelled to visit regularly – more likely though is I just haven’t given it enough focus in order to get anything useful out of it.

    I find myself having to explain Twitter fairly frequently to people of my acquaintance who don’t ‘get it’ and the fact of the matter is, it’s not a very immediate channel. It takes time and effort to build up your network and for it to become valuable. Or it did for me anyway. So I would guesss G+ is no different, it would simply a matter of giving it a bit of focus for it to become useful. I do know someone who’s abandoned Facebook altogether in favour of G+ so will be interested to hear about your experiences and how much you get out of it and whether its worth persevering with.

    • @kategraham23 Hi Kate, I have to say that my G+ usage so far has proven interesting. There is no doubt that the ‘stream’s far slower than Twitter which ‘might’ infer that there is less information washing over me, but actually the content that is in there is very different and dare I say it, even more useful than what I saw when I popped back into Twitter a day or two ago.

      Different people + different thinking + different ideas = less chance of ‘group think’ setting in!


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