Engaging The Unwilling Learner – Live Blog from #LT12UK

Posted on Jan 26, 2012

Mark Berthelemy – Capita

Poor outward comms from ‘us’

Poor intrinsic motivation to listen to the poor comms (from the learner)

We put too many infrastructure blockers in place!

Possible solutions to that, may be?

  • Leave blockers in place and put support in place
  • use simpler systems

Push people towards intrinsic motivation

Don’t we want learners to pull content down because they want to?

We may be good at designing the intervention, but we aren’t so good at communicating around the intervention. We should take a leaf out of our Comms department book, maybe even merge the departments, after all aren’t we trying to achieve the same goal?

Management should set:

  • expectations
  • permission

And set the vision that learners are expected to identify and source their learning opportunities

Gareth Williams Cambian Group and Information Transfer

Branded their training using the word ‘achieve

  • Poster campaigns
  • Merchandise
  • Brochure for all sites
  • Promos movie
  • Roadshow presentations
  • Article in company newsletters
  • Regular board reports

Here are the results so far


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