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Posted on Jan 27, 2012

So folks, for the past few weeks I’ve been blogging about the value of taking a low cost, low risk approach towards implementing learning / performance support via mobile devices, by scouring the apps stores for any currently existing native apps that could add value to your business.

Essentially ‘getting your foot in the door’ with regards to the use of mobile technologies.


I’ve received a small amount of feedback from some readers, (most recently from Mark Bradshaw in relation to the shift workers app) letting me know that they have, or will shortly be recommending some of the apps to their organisation.

Hopefully many more of you will come back to this series as and when you/your organisation starts to think along these lines.

As a parting post within this series for the time being, I’d like to introduce you to this tool

which acts as a search engine, but purely for apps. You don’t even have to know the name, just type in a vague description and see what happens.

Best of luck!

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  1. @CraigTaylor74 useful as always craig…might get to chat to you about GoMo sometime. I’m looking at mobile authoring tools for a client.

  2. craigtaylor74 I just read all the posts together, what a simple and great idea. And why not? There’s no reason to NOT do this! And looks like a useful resource. I must confess the reason I hadn’t read them all until now was because I kept seeing tweets with post titles of “Get your foot in…” and thought they were all the same one…my overloaded brain filtered them out saying “seen it!”. Perhaps there is wisdom in your twitter/G+ shuffle…

    • @DocHavis Hi dochavis Thanks for reading and commenting Dave. You raise a good point about entitling blog posts that all come from the same series with very similar titles; as you say, easy to filter them out!

      I wonder how else we can label them to still show that they belong to the same series……?

  3. I’ve stopped using the Android marketplace altogether and now use Chomp instead. Good search and much better category browsing.

    • @danroddy Hi Dan, thanks for the heads up with Chomp. Here’s the url if anybody is interested

    • @danroddy Hi danroddy , thanks for the heads up with Chomp. Here’s the url if anybody is interested

  4. Well said! The standing ovation came as a surprise, however. check this @

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