Getting your foot in the door

Posted on Jan 8, 2012

Whenever I meet people who are still in the tentative stages of considering utilising mobile technologies I always suggest that rather than initially invest in a bespoke mobile app or a mobile authoring tool, that they instead consider promoting existing apps to their workforce from within the various app stores.

I believe that this has several benefits

a ) almost zero cost to the organisation (the only cost I can see is the time to search for, identify and promote the apps to the workforce)

b) almost zero risk. The developer has taken the risk with the development of the app itself and as long as you have identified and then tested the suitability of any app, then the risks are reduced even further. The reason I said ‘almost‘ no risk, is that there is always the potential for the app to develop bugs or for the content to go out of date, which obviously has the potential to sour the experience for the learner and in turn for your plans to develop things further.

In order to help you with identifying suitable apps, I’m planning to start a ‘foot in the door’ section of this blog which will highlight some of the apps that I have identified as having the potential to add value to many workplace learner’s workflows and allow you to get your ‘foot in the door‘ with little or no risk/cost.

Some of them will be apps that my employer has produced; some will not.

Some will be free, others will have a cost attached.

Some of them I will have demonstrable experience of using personally and/or of others using, others will rest upon a gut feeling.

I will always try and add context behind my reason for choosing that app with some of them being apps that I have actually recommended to ‘real’ clients – as I’m sure you’ll appreciate I’ll be unable to reveal who the client is, but I will indicate that is was a ‘genuine’ recommendation.

So keep your eyes peeled for the first

foot in the door

blog post.




  1. Look forward to seeing this list develop Craig. I’ve been involved in some interesting discussions recently around using work owned devices and personal devices for learning (BYOD). Appreciate that the organisation I work for is in the financial services industry therefore information security, financial crime & associated risks are barriers when using any sort of 3rd party app, however these barriers can be overcome with the right will and solutions in place.

    It does depend of course on how you intend to use the app e.g. what content and the sort of interactions expected through the app/device. I’m hoping your list will provide some other ideas on using mobile technologies that can help shape conversations in my org now and in the future.

  2. @britz Hi Mark, the first ‘foot’ is officially on my blog. Let me know what you think

  3. I really appreciate the post you share..Thanks a lot for sharing..


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