Oh no, not another ‘getting started with mobile’ blog post…

Posted on Jan 8, 2012

…. well….. Yes and No.

“Yes” in so far as it is about introducing the concept of mobility into your L&D approach…

…. and “No” in so far as it’s not about a lengthy, decision riddled, strategic approach, it’s about simple, pragmatic approaches that you can adopt (and indeed may already be doing) that can help you get your foot in the door, prior to moving onto other things.

Most of the slides used in the screencast below were inspired by the JISC Mobile infokit by Doug Belshaw – so thanks to Doug and JISC for providing the inspiration for this.


  1. @CraigTaylor74 have you seen this app builder: http://t.co/9jrixiFc. Just came across them today so wondering if anyone else had used it?

  2. @CraigTaylor74 ya blog about mobile , layout is broken on my iPhone ,

    • @zakmensah Yeah, I see what you mean. The preview seems OK but when you go into it, it ballses up! Ironic eh? 😉

  3. How are u young man?

  4. I’m fine thanks Claire, you?


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