#LMS Confusion…

Posted on Mar 18, 2012

… is probably the best way of describing how I felt after reading some preliminary findings from the ‘LMSwishlist‘ that Redtray have been conducting.

Statistics for the Utterly Confused

If I’m honest I’m not a big fan of all the L&D online surveys that seem to be doing the rounds nowadays for 2 reasons.

  1. There seems to be about 1 survey a month (at the very least)! Can’t somebody just say “you know what, I’ll cover ’em all Guys”
  2. Reading that 87% of senior executives would consider utilising xyz technology if it added value to the bottom line, doesn’t really float my boat or add much value to what I do.
So it was with some trepidation and apathy that I glanced over the ‘Ten LMS Features Most L&D Experts Don’t Really Care About‘ and boy-oh-boy am I glad I did!!!
I’ll let the Storify below outline my confusion and if I’m honest incredulity (not a bad word for a Sunday afternoon). Suffice to say that I’m dying to find out what the 10 features Experts DID care about are!!!
Were you one of the ‘experts’ that participated in this survey? What were your reasons for submitting some of the responses you did? I don’t mean to be nosey, but come on…. you ‘don’t care’ about compliance? About RSS feeds? About language packs? About managing your budget?
You’ve GOT to tell me what I’m missing here….


This storify was created to capture an online dialogue I participated in surrounding a survey by Redtray in particular the ‘Ten LMS Features Most L&D Experts Don’t Really Care About’

This storify was created to capture an online dialogue I participated in surrounding a survey by Redtray in particular the ‘Ten LMS Features Most L&D Experts Don’t Really Care About’

http://storify.com/craigtaylor74/lms-confusion” target=”_blank”>View the story “LMS Confusion??” on Storify</a>]Image Source


  1. @timdrewitt At first I thought I’d misread it, but you’re not the first to agree with me, so I *think* I’m safe in my confusion 😉

  2. @CraigTaylor74 funny when I read that report, I though it was an early april fools 😉

    • @FionaQuigs You know what? That hadn’t even dawned on me….. I’m so gullible :-/

    • @FionaQuigs By the way, the GoMo iPhone preview app is now available as well as the iPad app.

      • @CraigTaylor74 OMG!!! @MyiPadGiveaway is giving away the new iPad 😀

      • @CraigTaylor74 great! have some free time this week so will give it a bash

  3. @timbuckteeth @dawnywheeler good luck..had BC twice and survived..makes mothers day very special to me and my kids..hope u raise loads!

  4. Hi Craig.

    I agree with you regarding the relentless surveys!

    Regarding the “Ten LMS Features Most L&D Experts Don’t Really Care About” (having only glanced at the results myself), I do sympathise with them. For example, e-commerce functionality probably won’t be attractive to an L&D department that delivers its offerings inhouse. Mulitilingual functionality probably won’t be attractive to a company based in one country that has one official language. Even the RSS feeds and links to social media won’t be attractive to an organisation that already has these facilities in place outside of the LMS.

    Like many surveys, I think the circumstances and contexts of the respondents have gotten lost in the mix.

    • Hi Ryan, thanks for commenting. I *think* I remember somewhere that some of the underlying data will be revealed in the full survey results once it is released, so hopefully my confusion will turn into crystal-clear clarity.

      I’m dying to hear why compliance is on the list though? Love it or loathe it, but of you’re operating within the law, there there are a good 2-3 H&S events that should be recorded just to keep an Org ‘legal’!

    •  @Ryan Tracey Hi @ryantracey Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, I’m positive I’ve responded before, but I haven’t got the foggiest where the comment has gone – so 2nd time lucky!
      I can see the logic in your reasons behind the ecommerce, language and RSS/social being low down on the list for *some* L&D people, but the fact that these functions made it onto the Top 10 list suggests to me that there must have been a significant number of respondents from companies that operate under a single language and that has all of its RSS/Social Media activities covered elsewhere (of course the opposite could be true and they might not be interested in this aspect because they just aren’t doing the ‘social thing’ so don’t need it in their LMS).
      This to me suggests that there may not have been many BIG multi-nationals participating in this survey; of course this doesn’t mean that the results are invalid but perhaps the results may not be as all-encompassing as they could be? I’m hoping I’m wrong as it would be good to have a true, multi-source, piece of data to relate to in the future with regards to LMS requirements. I guess we’ll have to wait to hear from Redtray to find out more….
      I’m also pleased that you are in agreement about the amount of L&D surveys that are kicking around, which reminds me – I’m just about to do a new benchmark survey into the weight of paper that L&D professionals prefer to use for their handouts, I think it will revolutionise the industry! 😉

  5. Hello everyone.
    I wanted to invite you all to take part in the survey and have your say in this. The study is still ongoing. The link is here: http://www.nowcomms.com/intelligence/nowasking/index.php?sid=95798&lang=en
    If you think the survey findings are not what you would agree with then please, take part and have your say.

  6. Here are some anwers to your questions. I hope this will make everything more clear and transparent.

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