Podcast #23: Back to basics

Posted on Jun 24, 2012

Craig is joined by Lilian Soon for a chat about how we can better utilise than often overlooked tool of text messaging in order to enhance and enrich our learning programmes – and maybe even help our administrators out?

Listening time: 26 mins

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  1. @CraigTaylor74 are you deliberately posting these during England matches? Can’t decide if it’s genius or just pig headed 😉

    • @burrough A ‘what match’? #notafootiefan

      • @CraigTaylor74 don’t be coy now it’s harder not to know they’re playing. Is ur podcast equivalent to a chick flick on the other side?

        • @burrough Seriously I had no idea, I know theres the ‘Euros’? on, but I’m lost beyond that

        • @CraigTaylor74 just made me chuckle that your last 2 posts both went out during Eng games

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