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Posted on Jun 8, 2012

I’m pleased to say that I’ve got a couple of sessions coming up in July in which I’ll be taking a look at that much hyped phenomena of ‘mobile learning’.

The sessions are almost identical, (with the only changes to design being to cater for the difference in dynamics) however they bring some additional challenges in that

a) 1 of them is face-to-face and the other is online
b) they are less than 24 hours apart

Meaning that it will be a challenge to incorporate any feedback or observations from the first session into the second session, not impossible, but quite possibly a late night is in store!

The first session will be a webinar for Citrix UK and the second session will be at an eLearning Network event.

I have prepared a short video in order to maximise the time during the sessions by asking the attendees to consider 3 questions. If you’re attending either of the sessions (or even if you’re not) then why not view this short video and consider my questions…

If you hover over the video, you’ll notice the ‘scenechat’ toolbar appear at the bottom. Why not leave your responses to my questions using the ‘scenechat’ tool? (I must admit to being quite impressed with this to being with and then it disappointed me by not allowing me to see the ID of the people posting comments, or indeed ID the comments that I made!?)

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  1. Good luck for your sessions in July.. We all hope that you will update us of what’s happening.. Anyway, wish you all the best luck!

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