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Posted on Jul 22, 2012

Zeiss scope

Close up of a Zeiss scope

Regular readers of my blog and social media followers will know that I’m not a huge fan of click-next, self-paced eLearning. Sure, there’s a time to wrap the whole learning experience up in a SCORM object, bury it deep within a Learning Management System and track the bejesus out of everything. (When I say everything, of course I’m not actually referring to whether the learner has been able to synthesise the content and has an ability to recreate it in the real world and the subsequent business impact, I’m actualy talking out who did it, when they did it, what score they attained, whether they ‘passed‘ and lets be honest about this; how good their short term memory is!).

The time being when an organisation needs to tick a box and cover their asses to prove that ‘training’ was provided to a learner, the place being (alas) most organisations. (I’ve just re-read the text above and realised I’m going off on one again, so I’ll get back on track…)

I much prefer the approach of providing support at the point of need via relevant resources. Many people will assume that those resources would be of a technical nature and of course they could be. They could also be a poster, a handout, a leaflet etc.

Given my interest in technology however, I’ve always been intrigued and surprised at just how overlooked the intranet is in many organisations, in terms of being able to deliver support in a way that is no doubt far more in people’s ‘workflows’ than an LMS is!

It’s this fascination with how under utilised intranets tend to be, that led to me volunteering to facilitate a number of scoping workshops in a previous organisation when the decision was made to overhaul its intranet offering.

Being a global organisation those workshops took place at each location with the same questions being asked of each group.

Below is the Google Doc that I produced to present the outcomes of the scoping workshop that I conducted, I hope you find the questions that were asked to be of use to you if you are considering developing your own intranet platform. As you can see very few of the questions actually refer to an ‘intranet’ at all, but instead ask how people work, the types of info they require, the media that info is presented in etc

Let me know if I missed anything

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  1. Craig, I couldn’t agree more. The corporate intranet is such an under-used performance support tool. To me, the platform is a key component of the organisation’s wider informal learning environment.Not only should it be populated with relevant and current content to facilitate just-in-time, on-the-job learning, but IMHO that content should be published and maintained by the users themselves. If the interface is mobile-friendly, then we’re really getting somewhere.

  2. The questions are excellent, thanks for sharing! I’ll be linking to this post from an article I’m writing about preparing to find an intranet platform.

    • You’re very welcome and thanks for commenting.

      Please drop me a line when you finish writing that article as I’d like to read it.

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