Podcast #24: Books and ebooks

Posted on Aug 29, 2012

Who Needs Books?Craig is joined by @zakmensah for the first in a series of podcasts in which Zak helps to make sense of the whole ebooks subject. If you’ve got any questions for Zak relating to this subject, then please feel free to raise them in the comments section below.

Listening time: 25 mins

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Zak’s recent blog post on why we should bother with ebooks

Zak’s blog post: The challenge of ebooks

Dan Roddy’s blog post following his recent attendance at a weelearning event

My Kindle highlights

Doug Belshaw’s books

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  1. Hi Craig. Great podcast and great accent 🙂 I also found it very interesting that zakmensah didn’t jump into interactivity and multimedia when you brought of the shifts in ebooks and all things uniquely digital. What is your opinion on self-publishing platforms that offer the generation and conversion of files into less “uniquely” digital formats? Do you think that up and coming platforms that AREN’T focusing on interactivity will be drown instead of float? 

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