Corporate Vs Creativity (why the Vs?)

Posted on Oct 5, 2012

A little while ago, I engaged in a passing conversation in which the subjects of ‘corporate’ and ‘creativity’ were described as being some distance apart, this explanation was backed up by a physical demonstration of that point and that it was extremely difficult for the 2 to exist in the same place.

At the time I dumbly nodded, but later that day during my bike ride home (this is my new ‘time for my best ideas’ time) it dawned on me that I was wrong to have ‘dumbly nodded’ as I certainly don’t believe that corporate and creativity have to exist in separate places and that it needs an ‘Act Of ‘ for the 2 to co-exist.

Perhaps instead of dumbly nodding I should have mentioned


because let’s be honest, they’re corporates, they’re creative and let’s be honest, they’re not doing too badly for themselves!!!!

Can you think of any other corporates who have been able to balance things?

Do you have any heartwarming/horror stories of your own, where the balance has been made/not made?


  1. @CraigTaylor74 No.

  2. Interesting post and one in which I’m grappling with because my background has been working with many corporates across different industries.  In the last few years, been in the financial services sector so no, wouldn’t say they’re creative however there had been elements within business units that espoused creativity in their problem solving to business issues. Also, one particular organisation enterprise L&D has been open to new and innovative learning approaches assisting the business units to use more creative solutions when it comes to training – but they still have some way to go to encourage and inspire their business units with these approaches. 
    In my travels, I’ve heard of a company called Atlassian who may also be included in your list.  It’s a company that has been mentioned by various people also on a Ted talk.  
    It’s heartening to hear of such places – gives me hope that I can work in a place where I’m free to explore, be curious, learn from teams and work on problems – and to be allowed to be creative.

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