I’m off to #DevLearn – would you like to come with me?

Posted on Oct 28, 2012

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Weeeeeell not exactly come *with* me, more of a ‘would you like me to ask any questions on your behalf whilst I’m there‘ (let’s be honest, you probably wouldn’t enjoy it and I’m sure you’ve got better things to be doing next week) 😉

Why not take a look at the sessions I’m attending and let know via the comments section below (please include the hashtag #DevLearn) if there’s anything you’d like me to enquire about on your behalf.

Of course I can’t promise to ask every question or indeed guarantee a reply, but I’ll do what I can….



Evidence-based Training: No Yellow Brick Road

Taking Video to the Next Level

Building mLearning for iPads Using HTML5 and iBooks Author

Super-charging Google Sales Readiness with Gamification and Social Media

Developing a Multi-year Learning and Development Technology Strategy

Measuring the Impact of Social Learning


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