Bared faced lying (but in a nice way)

Posted on Jan 5, 2013

Since I started in my new role as a Learning Technologies Manager for Bupa International I’ve facilitated a number of ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions for my colleagues within the HR team around a number of learning technology related subjects.

To date these have been:

  1. ‘elearning….. discuss’ – a 2 hour sessions which helped people to see ‘e’learning as being more than just traditional, ‘click next’ SCORM objects
  2. ‘Getting Started with Mobile Learning’ – a 2 hour session which was essentially a dry run of my DevLearn 12 session
  3. ‘Welcome Aboard’ – a 2 hour session  centering around the use of technology within the onboarding / induction process

The latest ‘Welcome Aboard’ session was facilitated as an Alternate Reality Game. In order to add the context in which the game was being unknowingly played I referred to some research that I heard about at DevLearn.

Only problem is that there was no such research at DevLearn – it was lie, a misdirection, a bluff, an economical use of the truth….

To help me with this bluff I created the animation below using Powtoon  which I played during the early stages of the session/game after I had prattled on about the DevLearn research ‘discovery’

It’s a cracking piece of software; cheap, intuitive, a great trial period.

Why not give it a whirl and let us all know how you get on?


  1. Great post Craig, this is the kind of thing I want to kick off over next few months (L&L). Will also take a look at costs of the Powtoon software tool. What sort of number of people do you have at the L&L sessions?

    • Paulfgill Hi pfgill69 Thanks for taking a look and commenting.
      The numbers have varied between 6 and about 12. I place lots of emphasis on individuals ‘going online’ and conducting their own research so as to alleviate any probs associated with large numbers so if we had a greater number it will hardly impact on the session.
      I also advertise the fact that I will facilitate each session twice so as to cater for large numbers and reduce any operational impact.
      Our internal SoMe platform plays a significant part in the run up to each event and particularly as a post-event, reflective space for everybody to continue the conversation afterwards and even more formal stuff such as submitting some ‘homework’ that they are set.

      • CraigTaylor74 Paulfgill @pfgill69
        Sounds good, which platform are you utilising for your SoMe? Do you have any good, bad or indifferent thoughts on any in particular?
        I have set up Yammer internally to our network but I am hoping to utilise the Totara platform when we get it set up as they demo’d a really good, branded version that will incorporate chat as well as video sharing if needed. Although little way off just yet.

        • Paulfgill pfgill69 we use Jive as our internal collab platform. Be wary about trying to shoehorn a collab platfom into an LMS (and vice versa). In my experience it rarely works and the LMS is best left to ‘tick the boxes’ and ‘report’ on the statutory training with the collab platform being much more in peoples workflows.
          Happy to discuss when we next chat.

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