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Posted on Jan 27, 2013

Over the past 18 months, I’ve had a number of conversations with various people from around our industry as well as outside of it on the subject of ‘going it alone‘, ‘setting up my own business‘, ‘escaping the rat race’ – whatever you want to call it!

First and foremost, I’ve always been flattered that these people have thought that I had ‘something’ that others would be willing to enter into a contract with me to obtain.

Secondly, I’ve always admitted to those people that I have a fear and a dread of leaving safe and secure roles to enter into what I perceive as a more risky world of the ‘self employed’.

However, I now realise that even full time employment in established organisations is still fraught with risks and that anybody – and I’m probably including you, Dear Reader – who doesn’t have a back-up plan or a safety net of some description is probably not doing themselves any favours.

That’s why I’ve decided to take Tayloring It to a slightly different place than I had originally intended when I first started blogging 3 years ago.

I’ve decided to start up my own small consultancy ‘Tayloring It’. Before you ask, “No“, I haven’t left my current role and nor is the writing on the wall – I’m probably happier in this role than I have been in any role since I left the Army in 2006. But that doesn’t mean I can’t start establishing contacts along with developing a portfolio of work and business accumen just in case my world looks different in 12, 24 or however many months in the future. Plus, I’m pretty sure I can help some people/organisations with what they’re trying to achieve too – without it interfering with my day job.

My plan is to offer down to Earth advice on the subject of Learning Technologies and their application in today’s work place.

This advice won’t be based on past glories from years ago or from being a member of elitist Industry ‘think tanks’ – No! – My consultancy will be based upon recent and current experience of deploying learning technologies and the associated aspects within conservative and risk averse industries such as the Nuclear, Rail and Financial sectors.

Recent experience within the eLearning vendor industry has also provided me with fantastic opportunity to become involved in a large number of industries, organisations and projects, the experience from which has only added to my own workplace experiences.

My website is currently being built by a fantastic supporter of my idea, Zak Mensah and will be launched in the next couple of weeks explaining how I might be able to help you out in more detail, but in the meantime here’s a short explanation which will no doubt feature on the website:

Tayloring It is a consultancy that works with individuals and organisations to practically apply technology as a solution to real-world challenges. It could be large scale projects or supporting everyday tasks, but our team has successfully created new approaches that maximise the use of technology while actually saving money/reducing spend. We enhance
communication, learning and performance in the workplace, focusing on outputs not inputs. There are no other services like ours.

Tayloring It aims to change the face of learning technology in practice, one solution at a time.

I’ll be attending both days of Learning Technologies Conference & Exhibition 2013 and will be armed with my rather natty business cards

Tayloring It business card

Tayloring It business card

so if you’d like to find out more about what my plans are the future, why not track me down, have a chat and grab a business card?

Alternatively, if our paths don’t cross, my details are on the card above.


  1. Craig, congratulations on your decision. Working independently is a fantastic adventure that I know you’ll love, whilst still being #awesome in your current role. You have a great blend of experience and attitude for delivering excellent solutions.

    • lightbulbjo Hi lightbulbjo Thank for the feedback Jo, exciting times eh?

  2. Well done, Craig. Exciting times ahead.

    • JamesMcLuckie Thanks James, who knows where it will lead? I hope you’ll give me a shout if I can ever help you out – especially in this neck of the woods.

      • CraigTaylor74 Absolutely. Likewise, if there is anything we can do to help get your business on its feet, you know where we are.

  3. Good luck buddy 🙂

    • simbeckhampson Thanks Paul – “once more unto the breach Dear Friends”

  4. This all sounds very exciting! Best of luck Craig. Lisa aka TuppyMagic.

    • lisajohnsontm Thanks @tuppymagic Much appreciated

  5. Excellent decision Craig – your expertise and no-nonsense approach will most definitely resonate. Plus your current org will benefit from your consultancy as your experiences and growth will no doubt influence approaches internally. Win-win for sure. Good luck!

    • Mark Britz Thanks britz I really appreciate your support – fingers crossed!

  6. Congratulations Craig, you won’t regret the decision. Sounds like you’re doing it the way I did.  All the best for the business and enjoy LTUK13!

  7. good luck, buddy! x

  8. Cheers Mash 🙂


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