My #COLF L3 Assignment

Posted on Feb 26, 2013

As mentioned in a previous post, myself and the L&D team in which I work are undertaking the COLF programme.

Upon completion of each of the 9 lessons/workshops there is an assignment to undertake as well as some additional reading.

Here’s my third assignment:


Does your organization already use Web Conferencing? If so, write a 100-word report onwhat it uses it for.

My organisation presently uses web conferencing and virtual classrooms, however this is to a very limited degree and the efficacy of these activities may be being reduced due to a lack of knowledge from the host/facilitator as to how to conduct traditionally ‘face-to-face’ activities in an online environment.

Within my organisations, I have seen examples of ‘telepresence’ meetings taking place and virtual classrooms being facilitated for some of our globally distributed personnel. I have also personally used and heard examples of people using their personal/work provided mobile devices to use tools such as Skype, G+ Hangouts and Facetime to enhance participation and collaboration.

Do you think it could use it for other parts of the organization?

I am struggling to think of areas of my organisation that would not benefit from utilising webinars/web conferencing/virtual classrooms etc.

Here’s a list of potential opportunities for use:

  • Conduct a monthly ‘clinic’ for the ‘Top 5’ reported issues to the IT Helpdesk
  • Conduct traditional meetings (perhaps I should lead the way with this with our monthly L&D meeting)
  • Systems training ahead of and during the early days of a new system launch
  • Explain products and services to potential/current clients
  • As a way of helping people transfer previous learning activities (regardless of method/media) to peoples workplaces i.e. as a way of connecting people to share their ‘what’s worked and what hasn’t’ stories
  • As a method of conveying the ‘why’ / ‘theory’ behind a subject that may require a future physical aspect to it. This approach would allow people to reflect upon the WIIFM prior to engaging in the face-to-face aspect

I’ve no doubt that there is a plethora of other ways for my organisation to maximise this approach, but at the moment the list is above is where I can see immediate benefit.

What others can you think of?


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