What Learners Want – Part 2 – The ‘questions’

Posted on Mar 4, 2013

If you haven’t read this series to date, it may be worthwhile doing so in order to set some context.

Having decided to commit to deploying the survey, Towards Maturity and myself started to create the question bank that our employees would be asked to respond to. Laura Overton already had a significant foundation for this survey so as a result it was more of a process of tweaking some of the questions to be able to the language that my organisation uses.

I took the decision early on to allow the survey to be undertaken anonymously, with the ability for respondents to enter their contact details should they wish to contacted by L&D to follow up on any of their responses.

As I’m sure you’ll appreciate there is a commercial agreement in place between my organisation and Towards Maturity, so I will not be posting the 23 specific questions, however they fell broadly into the following areas:

  • Demographic information
  • How people acquire info to do their job
  • Hardware people use
  • BYOD related questions
  • Willingness to share with others
  • Formal and informal methods
  • Rating of currently available methods/tools/platforms etc
  • Barriers

It was important that we didn’t alter the actual questions or response types themselves as our survey results will be feeding into a benchmark study in much the same way as the Towards Maturity Benchmark study, however there were some occasions where it was logical to amend the wording to some of the response options in order to provide clarity such as:

  • Using organisational roles instead of the default role options
  • Using organisational department names instead of the default options
  • Referring to our LMS, intranet and internal collaboration platform by name as opposed to generic titles.

All in all, the questions do a great job of gathering hard facts and data in order to help inform our L&D strategy and next steps.

In my next blog post, I’ll explain how we went about marketing and promoting this survey ahead of the official launch


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  1. Your point about confidentiality Craig is really important to the whole benchmark process in general- we want to find out about what learners really want and what they are actually doing (even if they think it is against company policy!) in order to provide an accurate picture to work with.
     Looking forward to the next installment of your story – we’ve found that the marketing process is vital to success of this process 🙂

    • Laura Overton Hi Laura, the next instalment is now posted and talks through the marketing process up to and including the launch……

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