What Learners Want – Part 3 – The ‘marketing’

Posted on Mar 9, 2013

If you haven’t read this series to date, it may be worthwhile doing so in order to set some context.

Having agreed upon the questions that would be asked in the survey, I went through a short period of validating the questions with colleagues and QA’ing the survey before deciding on a survey ‘launch’ date of 25/02/13 with a window of 5 weeks complete it, leaving a survey end date of 01/04/13.

I knew that in order to maximise the responses to the survey the marketing and engagement leading up to the survey launch and indeed during the launch would be critical.

Here’s a brief rundown of the activities that took place up to and including the launch of the survey


w/c 04/02/12 – Our HR Director (who is also the sponsor for this initiative) wrote a blog post explaining why he believes it is critical for people to participate in this survey and the benefit that both they and the overall business will gain from it. This blog post was featured in both our intranet and our weekly global magazine. A link to this article was also the ‘weekly announcement’ on the L&D homepage of our internal collaboration platform.


07/02/12 – A series of Focus Groups took place throughout the day during which 23 people from various areas of the business, representing our global workforce, from Directors downwards, participated in 1:1, group and telephone interviews. These interviews were conducted by myself and Laura Overton and allowed us to gather anecdotal, ‘free text’ responses to back up the hard data that the online survey would be gathering.

In order to maximise the ‘keenness’ demonstrated by the Focus Group participants we decided to provide them with immediate access to the online survey as opposed to making them wait for the ‘official’ launch date some 2-3 weeks later. We also hoped that it would increase the chances of those people recommending the survey to their colleagues once it was widely available.


w/c 11/02/12 – I produced a short video explaining how the survey would be distributed and the format that it would take. This video was featured in both our intranet, our weekly global magazine and became the ‘featured video’ on the L&D homepage of our internal collaboration platform.


w/c 18/02/13 – We are fortunate to have a number of info-screens distributed amongst our offices so a simple TV advert using static image and text was displayed throughout this week on a ‘looping basis’ advertising the launch of the survey the following week and directing people towards the previously written artcicles.

Learner Survey infoscreen advert

Learner Survey infoscreen advert

w/c 25/02/13 – The survey officially launched. My organisation no longer sends ‘organisation-wide’ emails (although that doesn’t explain why I keep getting ‘scheduled maintenance’ emails, for systems I have no access to!), so we were reliant upon our previous comms and an intranet article once again from my HR Director, this time the article included a link to the LSG magazine that mentioned the learner survey that we were undertaking. A link to this article was also the ‘weekly announcement’ on the L&D homepage of our internal collaboration platform.

We also commenced a series of ‘floor walking’ exercises during which we visited every desk over the 6 floors and 2 buildings ouf our Brighton location. We left a small ‘calling card’

Learner Survey desk-drop cards

Learner Survey desk-drop cards


on each keyboard as seen in the photograph above, which contained a link to the survey itself (this has been obscured in the photo). It also provided us with a wonderful opportunity to speak to people face-to-face about the initiative and answer any questions that they may have.

From a personal opinion, I took 2 things away from the floor-walking exercise:

  1. People were surprised, but very welcoming of the fact that L&D were getting ‘out and about’ within the business.
  2. Very few of the people that I spoke to (there were 5 of us involved in the floor walking) had seen the articles that had been placed on our intranet, in fact a lot of people said that they rarely, if ever visited the intranet.


In my next blog post, I’ll explain how we maintained the momentum of the initial marketing campaign and started to drip-feed weekly survey findings to people via some simple animations.



  1. Great blog about the campaign and insights. From previous roles its always been appreciated that L&D are floor walking. I look forward to the next installment!

  2. Hi LightbulbJo thanks for reading and commenting. The next instalment may be some time off as it will deal with the ongoing comms of the survey findings on a weekly basis up to and including 01/04/13.

  3. Nice one Craig.


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