From Compliance Course To Campaign, Part 1 – The Background

Posted on Apr 30, 2013

There’s been a great desk of chatter recently about compliance training. Actually, maybe it’s no more than usual, perhaps I’m just sensitive to it at the moment.

Why so?

Well because since the beginning of 2013 I have been working to revamp our mandatory compliance training offering from 2 perspectives

1. Is the content technically correct (fear naught Dear Reader, I’m passing the buck on this one to the SME)

2. Is the method and media we are using the most likely to positively effect behavioural change (this is where I swing into action!)

Our current mandatory training is offered via traditional ‘click-next, self-paced’ eLearning delivered via our LMS and covers the following subjects

  • Data Matters

  • Manual Handling

  • Display Screen Equipment (DSE) awareness

  • Risk Assessment

  • Health & Safety (H&S) Induction

  • Diversity (I’m still arguing the toss as to whether Diversity training is mandatory or not and I have some interesting researched kindly surfaced by Donald Clark that suggests even if it is, that it’s not proven to effect any positive change)

  • Financial Crime Prevention

  • Privacy and Confidentiality

  • Treating Customers Fairly (TCF)

My plan is to adopt a campaign not course approach for each of these subjects, which (in my head) seems a logical and effective thing to do, all I have to do is convince the compliance department….

…. and you know what….

I have!!!

Keep on reading this series of posts to discover how I managed to get the SMEs/sponsors buy in, ascertain what we wanted, engaged with suppliers and (in the fullness of time) the end result!

One Comment

  1. Outstanding. This really is the way to go. We did something similar when I came onboard the USCG several years back. A few changes to the core principles and intent for what we call MT:
    1) Respect time and environment
    2) Focus only on the relevant and provide support in the right medium
    For #1, we put a cap on the amount of time the organization could sprinkle MT requirements over the workforce. The cap was something like 6 hours total every year for MT-A (MT that applies to everyone). We also provided a contextual (decision-based) assessment right up front that allowed folks to test out by objective.
    For #2 we tried to focus everything on skills or values vice focusing on content exposure. Practice opportunities for decision skills and assessments tuned around solving gray area challenges help with a focus on S&V. Content is easily classified in pre-design review and much of it is categorized as resources. Poor find-ability in resources is a different problem than training. So we tried to fix those with different solutions.
    We expressed that any e-learning components or tools were merely a small part of a larger system effort that couldn’t be successful in modifying behavior if it was a spiked event. Along with this we started to work with sponsors to get them to take a look at their measures as the primary driver for how to adjust the strategy. It didn’t always work out. Some sponsors were interested in the long game, others were only interested in the minimum necessary to check the box. 
    It’s a long hard road changing expectations at the program stakeholder level. Harder, in many ways, than changing the behavior of the folks down the line.


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