Breaking the L&D bubble at #AMC13

Posted on Jun 22, 2013

I’ve tweeted and blogged several times before about the ‘bubble’ and ‘echo chamber’ that many of us L&D folk live in.

Given the marketing-orientated approach that I’m taking to our mandatory training I thought I’d attend ‘Another Marketing Conference‘ in order to obtain an external perspective.

Here’s what I’m hoping to get from some of the sessions.


What about you?

Do you have any plans to reach outside our ‘bubble’ and see how others professions / industries can add value to what you’re doing?

Are you already doing this? If so, tell us about it below…..\

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  1. Hi Craig, if I wasn’t at an internal “conference” in Devon this week I’d be joining you at this. It looks like a great event. I’m looking forward to attending UX Bristol in a few weeks time for similar reasons to the ones you outline above. Look forward to hearing more soon.


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