Pre-#LearningLive session via Google Hangouts

Posted on Aug 29, 2013

In this previous blog post I suggest some simple ideas as to how the conference experience could be enhanced and specifically talk about ‘pre conference’ online sessions

Let’s be honest, when your conference attendees have a number of concurrent sessions to select from, other than previous experience/recommendations of the facilitator, all they’ve got to go in is the session overview on the conference website. Why not invite each speaker (and potential attendees) to participate in a 10 minute online session in which they pitch their session and take part in a Q&A. It may also give the potential attendees an insight into the presentation skills of the speaker (AKA are they going to rattle off a load of bullet points at me?)

I’ve not yet seen this taken up by any conference organisers so I thought I’d take the bull by the horns and set up my own online sessions ahead of Learning Live to allow people up to ask any questions they may have about my session, make sure it’s right for them etc.

I’ll be using Google Hangouts to deliver these bite sized sessions which I know may prevent some corporate folk from attending due to Google Hangouts being blocked, so I’ve scheduled an evening session too.

Here are the dates and times: (all sessions are scheduled for 15mins)

30/08/13 – 0930hrs BST

03/09/13 – 0930hrs BST

04/09/13 – 1930hrs BST

To participate, visit the relevant link above a few minutes before each session commences, set up your speakers/microphone and let’s chat!

See you online?



  1. CraigTaylor74 What a great idea! You’ll have to blog about it after to let us know how it went!

  2. MT “kenjeffery: CraigTaylor74 What a great idea! You’ll have to blog about it after!” < Thx Ken. Will do, just need ppl to sign up!

  3. KimSGeorge Cheers Kim. I fear that most people may have made their session choices, but you never know??? #learninglive

  4. CraigTaylor74 Perhaps. & if in future, more speakers took your approach, some attendees might not have time to explore each pre-session…

  5. CraigTaylor74 …then again, if they really want to gain the most out of the conference, they’d hopefully make the time for pre-sessions!

  6. ColinSteed Cheers Colin

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