My review of #LearningLive 2013 Day 2

Posted on Sep 12, 2013

As mentioned in a previous blog post, I’m participating in Learning Live 2013. Whilst I was directly involved as a speaker on Day 2, I also attended as a participant throughout the 2 day event.

Here are my key takeaways from Day 2 (Day 1 can be found here)

Session: Connecting & Collaborating – Building a Network Oriented Workplace

Presented by Rob Brown

Relationship and collaboration are crucial for today’s top-functioning organisations. The ability to network and build networks is critical for organisational performance. More than that, the leveraging of those networks is a massively unexploited competitive advantage. With 90% of learning coming from relational and experiential sources, the power of a network is clear. What organisations struggle with is creating a culture of connecting and networking that facilitates greater learning. Who knows what and who knows who are just two simple metrics that are rarely measured. Yet networking capability is both coachable and measurable, creating a much more collaborative, sharing and connected culture that positively impacts the bottom line.

Likely takeaways from this session:

  • Why a connected culture counteracts low engagement and information overload.
  • The 7 biggest networking mistakes employees make.
  • How to foster trust, thereby increasing innovation and productivity.
  • Mapping out networking capability for employees – spotting the best networkers
  • The role of likeability and why it’s more important than technical competence
  • 6 corporate strategies for building an internal network at any level.


My key content take-away

Rob was a very fun, engaging and informed speaker, however I was somewhat disappointed in the session content as I was unable to see where any of the above ‘likely takeaways’ came out during the session. Now I know that the word ‘likely’ is contained there, but I’d like to think that if the above session outline is being used to attract people to the session (as it did me) then it would explicitly cover those items.

I was under the impression that this session was going to be about how to ‘Building a Networked Orientated Workplace’ however it seemed to be more about personal networking skills as opposed to how to build an internal network. Don’t get me wrong, there was a section towards the end of the session ‘3 phases for building a networked orientated workplace‘ that touched on the subject, but I’d expected something far more focussed.


Session: ‘Building a Business Driven Collaborative Learning Culture

Presented by Ron Edwards

Like many organisations, QA has a distributed workforce with a desire to keep staff informed, engaged and continuously learning how to best meet customer needs with new products and better services. QA chose a mix of formal learning reinforced by social media based learning to improve Sales education efficiency while increasing sharing of best practices. This approach was recently recognised with an LPI Gold Award for Social Media Programme of the Year and has resulted in an increase in new business wins by 17%.

This session will explore:

  • Business drivers behind adopting a collaborative learning approach
  • Success factors in planning, launch and engagement
  • Getting the mix of face to face, virtual, elearning and social media learning right
  • How a more collaborative learning culture is emerging
  • Measurement and business results
  • What’s next in terms of refreshing the approach and increasing engagement
  • Thoughts on gamification as a way to increase valuable contributions

Delegates will learn:

  • Six principles of effective use of social media to gain business results
  • Tricks of the trade for successful online community launches
  • The value of video sharing
  • Gamification challenges and opportunities


My key content take-away

QA utilised the platform that they already had in place for their clients. Whilst I can understand the rationale for this, I’ve yet to see a single platform that can match the efficacy of using multiple ‘best of breed’ platforms.

Think, plan and think again about your content architecture. How can we group or information, do we even need to group information if we ‘tag’ it well enough, provide a good search functionality and allow related results (as Amazon does)

Their story about distributing Flip cams to their workforce reminded me of the BT Dare2Share story – it’s a oldie but a goodie!


Compliance Training – From Course to Campaign!

Presented by me!!!

Compliance training is often seen by many L&D practitioners as a ‘thorn in their side’; a necessary evil that despite their best efforts, remains low-down on most learners list of things to concern themselves about. If this applies to you and/or your organisation and you’d like to find out how to take a significant step change in the delivery of your compliance training, then this session is for you!
Craig Taylor will guide you through his journey in turning compliance training from a selection of stand-alone courses to a series of ongoing campaigns. He’ll share his background thinking, hints and tips to obtain that critical ‘buy in’ from stakeholders and the research to back up his campaign approach along with those all important ‘lessons learnt’; AKA the bits that Craig got wrong!

Why the move from course to campaign?
How to obtain that all important ‘buy in’ from stakeholders
How to ask for what you want from external agencies.
Why you might consider a campaign for a campaign.
Share Craig’s lessons learnt


That’s right folks, I was facilitating my session at the end of Day 2 which revolved around the work I had done in my previous organisation to move compliance training away from ‘stand alone’ pieces of content to an ongoing 2/7 series of campaigns, you can read some of my posts on the subject here

Here are the slides from my session:

Compliance Training – From Course to Campaign – Learning live 2013 from Craig Taylor

Did you participate?

What did you take away from the day / each session?




  1. Looking forward to watching the recording of your session, Craig. The slides look fantastic.

  2. JamesMcLuckie Thanks JamesMcLuckie appreciate the feedback. Appreciate that *fantastic* slides don’t lend themselves to being understood by anybody that wasn’t there in the flesh! I hope the video adds the context. Let know if you’d like me to run an online session for your LDG group.

  3. CraigTaylor74 I may very well take you up on that, Mr T.

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