An award entry – with a difference

Posted on Dec 2, 2013

Over the Summer of 2013 I submitted an entry into the LPIs annual Learning Awards in the Learning Professional of The Year category.

I know that’s somewhat narcissistic of me but it was the only category I felt I could provide actual evidence for at the point I wrote and submitted the entry. All the other categories would have, I felt, required me to provide evidence, examples etc that I no longer had access to (I did contact my ex-manager on several occasions, but have yet to to receive a reply……)

I wanted to submit an entry that caught the judges attention, so I used iBooks Author to create an interactive entry using text, image carousels and embedded video. I also provided a PDF version for those without an iPad.


Screenshot of the cover of my iBook submission

Screenshot of the cover of my iBook submission

I was short listed as a category finalist and presented to the judging panel in November 2013.

I was keen to pitch my entry not just against the Learning and Performance Institutes and my own ‘criteria’ but also against what many of you considered to be indicative of a modern and effective L&D professional.


Here’s what some of you came up with

Learning Awards submission Wordle

Learning Awards submission Wordle

What words, behaviours, characteristics etc do you believe are missing from this Wordle?


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