What’s in a name? – Your Help Needed!

Posted on Jan 21, 2014

I’m looking for (don’t laugh) a name for an LMS that I am in the process of delivering for the organisation I am contracting with.

Early suggestions have all revolved around suggesting that the LMS is the ‘centre’ or ‘hub’ of the organisations or individuals ‘learning’ – anybody who knows me will know that I’m keen to steer away from creating this perception around the LMS.

Early thoughts are:

  • Hal (suggested by Mark Aberdour, with the modification that it sings ‘Daisy, Daisy’ when you log out of it.

  • The Training Portal (my idea – does what it says in the tin!)
  • Novus – suggested by David Hopkins

So over to you folks… can you think of any (serious) names that I could propose for their new LMS?


  1. I got learning or training auxillium/auxili (or just auxillium/auxili) if Spud wasn’t good enough!

  2. How about something inspired by Japanese roots of the corporation? Such as “kaizen”.

    I found a website that says it is “Literally “change for the better.” In practice, a Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices, personal efficiency, etc. Initially made famous by the 1986 book of same name.”

  3. After several attempts to log in to my Livefyre account (‘please wait while we log you in’), I’m giving up on that approach, and will comment here instead. How about Springboard or Launchpad?

  4. How about LeMonS 🙂

    What type of organisation is it. It might do well to go for something reflective of their overall mission and values whilst not straying to far from the ‘nerve centre’ theme.

  5. What about LeMonS? The ‘e’ links nicely with e-learning and the ‘on’ ties in with online and the LMS is there too.

  6. I quite like those – they are very dynamic!

  7. John_B_Cooper I really like the concept. I would worry that people would say something like “this LeMonS system sucks” or other plays on words :S

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