Week 2 recap of #GoogleMedia #MOOC

Posted on Jun 10, 2014

If you read my blog regularly you’ll know that I’ve committed to blogging my way through a MOOC I’ve undertaking entitled Understanding Media by Understanding Google. We’ve just come to the end of Week 2 so I thought it would be a logical time to post my reflections from the past week. In order to stop these weekly posts from becoming a ramble, I’m going to try and stick to the following headings:

  • This weeks theme
  • Suggested reading
  • Random fact
  • Coursera/MOOC design observation
  • Synergies with L&D

This weeks theme

Google and Publishing

I’ve struggled to maintain interest as much this week as I did in Week 1. Is this the beginning of the end of my MOOC participation or simply indicative of my use of Google i.e. I use Google Search a LOT (week 1 subject area), whereas I rarely use Google News or Books.

Time will tell….

Suggested reading

Upon registering for the MOOC, participants were recommended to obtain a number of books on the subject of Google. These books were:

As mentioned in my Week 1 recap, I only own one of those books ‘What Would Google Do’, so being somewhat strapped for cash, I purchased another 2 on eBay and decided to reserve the others from my local library……. for those of you who are on the edges of your seats wondering whether they have arrived or not – they haven’t!!! (and people wonder why libraries are dying off!).

For those people who were unable to access the books, a selection of other resources are published each week in order to ‘plug the gap’ of the books. I’ve updated my social bookmarks in case you’d like to view them.

Random fact

129,864,880. The number of different, printed, bound books in the world as of late 2010 according to Google Books.

Coursera/MOOC design consideration

I’m continuing to use the Coursera app on my iPad and Nexus 5, and by and large Im enjoying using it, however the more I use it, the more I’m finding a few niggles such as:

  • Any URLs within the app will only open within the app window itself and not on the devices browser, making it impossible to share the link with anybody or annotate using a tool such as Diigo.
  • I’m still experiencing problems with the videos when played back in the app. Formative questions, URLs and pauses all seem to be non-existent in the app, however they are present in the desktop version of the video.
  • Whilst the weekly quizzes may act as some form of engagement activity, in my opinion they don’t really add any deep value to the course and only test short term memory.

The programme does have a feature and process for reporting issues with any of the content, which is good to see.

Synergies with L&D

As I’ve been reading the books and accessing the online resources I’ve made number of notes and observations as to how I think there is a synergy / something to be learnt in the work that I do. I’ve listed a small number of the quotes below and was originally planning to to explain why I’ve made a note of them, but I’ve changed my mind…

… instead I’ll let you make the connections for yourselves.

“To put it simply, how does one make money selling free copies?
I have an answer. The simplest way I can put it is thus:
When copies are super abundant, they become worthless. When copies are super abundant, stuff which can’t be copied becomes scarce and valuable” Better Than Free


“The pace of technological change will not abate, and to think of our current time as a transition between two eras, rather than a continuum of change, is a mistake.” The Head of Google News on the Future Of News


Why not leave your thoughts as to why I’ve highlighted those specific quotes / references in the comments section below?

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