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Posted on Sep 22, 2014

As mentioned in my previous post I’ve recently spoken at Learning Live on the subject of ‘mobile learning’.

Whilst I appreciate that many people attend conferences to gain an insight into the ‘ethereal’ and strategic thinking of others, I’m a big fan of providing people with what I call Monday morning quick wins, ideas and activities that can be put into effect the Monday morning after a conference with no need for business cases, project charters, sign offs, or IT involvement.

In order to help achieve this I offered two challenges to the attendees.


Challenge One


Challenge Two

  1. Think about what your organisation does. The challenges it faces. The actions its employees undertake. Look away from the overt L&D programmes you are involved in – easy!
  2. Identify, curate and introduce mobile friendly resources / activities that will help support those business activities.

If you need some inspiration, I’ve previously written about this in this series of blog posts

By looking for opportunities to solve problems outside of the L&D bubble you’ll be helping to prove your worth to the wider business as well as ‘getting your foot in the door’ for future use of mobile resources.

For those of you who are thinking “Duh! That’s obvious”! You’re right it is! What are you doing in this area? Please let us know in the comments below.

If the above challenge has resonated in with you, I really hope that you’ll post a response below letting us know what resources you’ve identified (a link would be great) and for what type of business activity.


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