Learning How To Learn #MOOC – Final project assignment #LH2L2

Posted on Nov 3, 2014

I’m in the latter stages of the ‘Learning How To Learn’ MOOC.

The final assignment requires us to submit a resource that covers three of the MOOC’s subject areas and explain how we intend to use that resource.

As I mention in the introduction to the video resource I have created (below), I have approached the project from a slightly different perspective than I think was the intention, as I didn’t just want to create a resource to help me learn better, but I wanted to create a resource to help out our internal and external facilitators design ‘solutions’ that would adopt some of the subject areas of the MOOC to help our employees extract more from our formal learning programmes.


From a personal perspective the MOOC has also confirmed and strengthened my resolve to challenge the misuse of the word ‘learning’ and has made it onto my “things that should be mandatory for all people development professionals” list. (more to follow…)

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