Jumping on the bandwagon. My predictions for 2015…

Posted on Dec 19, 2014

As the end of a year approaches it’s time for the blogging fraternity to turn to the tried and tested ‘Top ‘this that and the other’ of 2014″ and ‘My predictions for 2015″ blog posts.

Far from me to turn down the opportunity to poke a little fun, here are my 2015 predictions / absolute cast iron guarantees

  1. My Twitter stream will continue to be bombarded with Instagrammed photos of hot beverages and food. Fortunately I use Tweetbot which allows me to permanently block hashtags. Unfortunately hardly anybody tags their #instagram photos.
  2. We will see a new word being made up within the L&D fraternity.
  3. Certain bloggers will still rant on about ‘killer <insert any of the following, or choose your own> apps / platform / piece of hardware. Why can’t things just be ‘good’, ‘effective’, ‘worth having’?
  4. Any podcast with ‘week’ or ‘weekly’ in the title is unlikely to ever be that, beyond its 5th episode.
  5. I will unsuccessfully use facts, data and research against gut feelings and anecdotes.
  6. 2015 will be the year of mobile. Again.
  7. Apple will release an ever-so-slight modification of a product. Tech bloggers will work themselves up into a crotch-twitching, salivating frenzy reporting on the ever-so-slight modification.
  8. We’ll continue to have a L&D wide survey released approximately every 4 days
  9. Many vendors will continue to ignore the native functionality of mobile devices whilst blowing their trumpets about how they are ‘leading’ in the mlearning world.
  10. A ‘free to use’ service will change its Terms and Conditions. Users will form baying mobs and burning torches will be seen.
  11. Certain ‘thought leaders’ in our field will use ever more bizarre diagrams to explore their concepts. It’s cos they’re clever see!
  12. The word ‘learning’ will continue to be be used in place of ‘training / delivery of stuff’. Certain ‘thought leading’ organisations will exacerbate the issue.

I’ll see you in 2015…

… no doubt saying ‘I told you so

(the more eagle-eyed readers may have noticed, that bar the dates, this blog post is almost an exact copy of a 2012 post…. that’s cos nothing really changes)



  1. You forgot this: “My twitter stream will contain regular regular references to poor transportation management!” πŸ˜‰

  2. You’re right, nothing changes. So go do something about it πŸ˜‰

    Have a good one my friend.


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