#ContentStrategy #MOOC Week 3

Posted on Apr 22, 2015

If you’ve not read my Week 1 post from this series, you may want to read it prior to reading this post….

I plan to blog my way through, initially this MOOC, and in time through the whole specialisation. In order to stop these weekly posts from becoming a ramble I am going to try and stick to the following headings

  • This weeks theme
  • Key takeaway(s)
  • Coursera/MOOC design observation
  • Synergies with L&D
  • Homework/Assignment

This weeks theme.

Experiences And Voice

Key takeaway(s)

My key takeaway from this week was that the statement around

Engagement is *not* how often people read/comment/like your content (those are outputs of engagement), but engagement *is* the collective set of experiences that people have with you/ your brand / your content.

Do you thoroughly think through and analyse all of the experiences that your customers potentially have with you?

Coursera/MOOC design observation

I’ve continued to take notes in Evernote and am pleased to see that each video continues to include a Take Back To Work slide.

Im also continuing the use both the iOS and Android apps for viewing the videos, however viewing and commenting within the active discussion boards is a painful experience via a mobile browser – when will Coursera add native forum functionality to their app?!

Synergies with L&D

The interconnected statements below resonated with me and in particular in the field of Learning and Development that I work in:

  1. All content will create an experience (it cant not!)
  2. Experiences drives usage (or not!)
  3. As a content strategist you are able to shape that experience.

Mention of the book Medill on Engagement was made a number of times this week, specifically with reference to how they interviewed and surveyed a large number of people to gain an insight into 40+ experiences (positive and negative) across all media. I may take a closer look at this book.


We were asked:

What is your favourite source of information about your field of work? It could be a trade newspaper, a magazine, a blog, a mobile app, or a website – anything that provides you with engaging, useful content, relevant to your work.

Here was my response.

For me I would select Twitter as my source of good content.

As I follow a number of people who operate in a similar professional field as myself I find that the social signals that Twitter generates (within my network) allow the good content to surface – and resurface – effectively becoming an semantic aggregation and curation tool for my professional interests.

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