#ContentStrategy #MOOC – Scores On The Doors

Posted on May 21, 2015

Following my recent completion of the Content Strategy for Professionals; Engaging Audiences For Your Organisation MOOC, I was pleased to receive confirmation that I had scored enough points to qualify for a Coursera Certificate of Achievement.

What was particularly interesting to see was the provision of various links to online evidence of my participation, course content etc along with a link to add the MOOC to my Linkedin profile.

Screenshot of Coursera link to Linkedin.

Screenshot of Coursera link to Linkedin.












I was also pleased to see them provide a ‘Back to Work’ toolkit containing arange of resources that people could download to help support them long after the MOOC has finished – definitely something I’d like to see included in other MOOCs.

Now that this MOOC has finished, I’ve got a couple of weeks off before I start the second of the MOOCs in this specialization.

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