#ContentStrategy #MOOC – Week 6

Posted on May 15, 2015

If you’ve not read my Week 1 post from this series, you may want to read it prior to reading this post….

I plan to blog my way through, initially this MOOC, and in time through the whole specialisation. In order to stop these weekly posts from becoming a ramble I am going to try and stick to the following headings

  • This weeks theme
  • Key takeaway(s)
  • Coursera/MOOC design observation
  • Synergies with L&D
  • Homework/Assignment

This weeks theme.

Managing Content and IP

Key takeaway(s)

My key takeaway from this week relates to the point around

considering seasonality

Whats going on in the business right now/near future? How can I surface content in a timely manner?


Feb – Mar = appraisals = surface related content in Jan-Mar

Coursera/MOOC design observation

I’ve continued to take notes in Evernote and am pleased to see that each video continues to include a Take Back To Work slide.

Ill be honest, Ive really struggled to maintain attention this week (you can probably see this in the scant notes I have made in Evernote), I think this is probably down to a combination of factors:

  1. The MOOC assignment has already been submitted. Wheres my motivation for sticking with this weeks content?
  2. Some of this weeks videos were longer than the norm for this MOOC, it seemed like they were trying to cram another weeks worth of content in, but if Im honest, Im not convinced that the MOOC really needed it.
  3. One of the videos expressly stated that it would deal with US IP law. Never the most interesting of subjects, it was guaranteed to turn me off when it didn’t even relate to my own country!

Synergies with L&D

The following 5D methodology was outlined

  • Discover
  • Define
  • Design
  • Develop
  • Deploy

(sound familiar?)

which is very similar to what Nick Shackleton Jones mentions below


As mentioned above, the MOOC assignment has been submitted. Ill be following up this post with an insight into the project itself and also my submission.

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