#ContentStrategy #MOOC Wk 2 – Social Networks

Posted on Jun 19, 2015

If you’ve not read my Week 1 post from this series, you may want to read it prior to this post….

I plan to blog my way through, initially this MOOC, and in time through the whole specialisation. In order to stop these weekly posts from becoming a ramble I am going to try and stick to the following headings

  • This weeks theme
  • Key takeaway(s)
  • Coursera/MOOC design observation
  • Synergies with L&D
  • Homework/Assignment

This weeks theme.

Social Networks

Key takeaway(s)

My key takeaway this week was around proving the ROI of ‘social’. The suggestions in the MOOC didn’t resonate with me as much as this post by Jane Bozarth. A post that I strongly recommend.

Coursera/MOOC design observation

I’ve continued to take notes in Evernote and am pleased to see that each video continues to include a ‘Take Back To Work’ slide.

As with the first MOOC, it’s quite disappointing to see the formative assessments fall into this trap



On a more positive note I was pleasantly surprised to see the in video formative assessment questions now appear to be mobile optimised.

Synergies with L&D

The notion of peer recommendations really resonated with me this week.

Whilst many organisations may still be struggling to implement Enterprise Social Networks and the infrastructure that better enables Social Learning to effectively scale, there are still some quick wins that could be achieved in this area.

Why not overtly ask people to like/rate/score the formal content that they are exposed to?

Most of the LMSs I’m aware of have this feature baked in and in my experience it often slips past the nay-sayers who often ask for the social features to be switched off because the organisation isn’t ready yet.

By asking people to undertake this, you’re helping to create some powerful social signals around your content – no bad thing .. (unless your content sucks!!)


This weeks homework involved some forum activity…


I’m not sold on the way that they’ve designed this in.

Perhaps a design consideration for next week?

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