#ContentStrategy #MOOC Wk 5 – Social Community Engagement

Posted on Jun 30, 2015

If you’ve not read my Week 1 post from this series, you may want to read it prior to this post….

I plan to blog my way through, initially this MOOC, and in time through the whole specialisation. In order to stop these weekly posts from becoming a ramble I am going to try and stick to the following headings

  • This weeks theme
  • Key takeaway(s)
  • Coursera/MOOC design observation
  • Synergies with L&D
  • Homework/Assignment

This weeks theme

Social Community Engagement

Key takeaway(s)

I’d never really thought of communities being broken down into:

  1. Passion communities
  2. Trigger event communities

Most of the communities I’m involved in are passion communities although I have been a member of various trigger communities (usually when I’m having a DIY panic at home!)

Coursera/MOOC design observation

I’ve continued to take notes in Evernote and am pleased to see that each video continues to include a Take Back To Work slide.

Not technically a design consideration, but I’ve recently purchased a Google Chromecast and have found it useful to be able to cast Coursera videos to my TV, whilst I take notes using my Macbook.



Synergies with L&D

There was some advice provided as to how newbie Content Strategists can start out in their role.

The advice is shown in the screenshot below.

A nifty approach to developing your workforce's curation skills.

A nifty approach to developing your workforce’s curation skills.

I thought that this provided a great way for L&D teams that are trying to move beyond top down curation, to ‘user-generated’ curation, a way to encourage critical thinking and further develop their workforces digital literacy. (I particularly like the inclusion of the ‘develop 3 action items’ task.)


This weeks homework appears to be one of the most convoluted I’ve experienced in a MOOC. I’m not sure how much of this perception is genuine and how much of it is tainted by the fact that we’re using Maslows Hierarchy Of Needs as a model to craft our content around.

Here’s the brief.

In Professor Hlavacs Module 5 video 4,Connecting Your Content with the Audience You Want to Reach, he applies Maslows hierarchy of needs to a variety of social media content communications. The messages fall into the four categories of safety, belonging, esteem/prestige and self-actualization. Using the table below from Professor Hlavacs lecture as a guide, go onto at leasttwo social media sites of your choosing (for example: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ or LinkedIn). You will be asked to find posts that exhibit one of theMaslow categories (detailed below) on thesocial media platforms. At the end, you should have at leasttwo posts exhibiting at leasttwo of the categories from your chosen social mediaplatforms, totaling four posts.

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