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Posted on Jul 11, 2015

As regular readers will know, I’m always keen to break out of the ‘L&D bubble‘ that many of us exist in and look outside of our industry for new ideas, practices and tools that will better enable me to do my job as an L&D practitioner.

This has led to me recently attending a Chartered Institute of Marketing event entitled

How to gamify your marketing using the 6 Cs framework

The session was facilitated by Pete Jenkins.

Here are my notes:

The Speed Camera Lottery(an unusual way of changing behaviour based on fines/rewards)

6C Framework

  1. Cherish – by learning more about them through quizzes and competitions. Use the subsequent data to increase relevance of comms. e.g. 3Radical brings mobile gamification to DBS Singapore
  2. Captivate – with an epic theme and a strong long term aim, with plenty of short-term activities that progress towards that. e.g. Battle Badminton
  3. Challenge – to learn new things / master new skills. Provide feedback and reward success. e.g. Chevrolet Volt driving skills challenge
  4. Connect – your customers together and help them socilaise and join teams to conquer challenges/achieve rewards. e.g. Sephora Beauty Talk
  5. Create – an environment for people to create their own content and rewards. e.g. Devhub
  6. Champion – your most engaged people, unlock opportunities for them. Empower them to do more of your marketing for you. e.g GiffGaff


**Top Tip**

8 tricks of psychology for better customer experiences(I’ve highlighted the relevant section) suggests that people are more likely to complete an activity if its already been ‘started’.
Consider perhaps a ‘To do’ list /Job Aid / resource that has already been ‘started’.


Further reading

Game storming book
Gamestorming website (seems to be a ‘game’ for many ‘normal’ business processes. Possibly a way to introduce ‘games’ to conservative Orgs?)
International Gamification Confederation (GamFed)(who knew that such a thing even existed?)


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