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Posted on Jul 20, 2015

I recently noticed this tweet from Nick Shackleton-Jones.



which got me thinking about the latest resources that I had built/commissioned.

The first was a checklist (we marketed it as a Job Aid) to help employees (and managers):

  • prepare for
  • participate in
  • follow up after

their annual appraisal meeting.

The checklist was a single, doubled sided, sheet of A4 paper provided in both PDF and Word format (in case people wanted to modify it) during the face-to-face / online training that new starters undertook as well as being available for download from our intranet pages.


Interviewing & Appraisal Checklists (job aids)

Interviewing & Appraisal Checklists (job aids)


The second was a checklist/Job Aid to help interviewers

  • prepare for
  • participate in
  • follow up after

an interview.

Again, the checklistwas a single sheet of A4 paper provided in both PDF and Word format.

Although the Interview Job Aid has yet to be published/used, the feedback from the Appraisals checklist was fantastic with comments such as

“a great idea”

“very useful’

“a good tool”

“simple but effective”

being used to describe it.

If you’d like to explore the use of checklists further, try taking a look at this post.

So I ask you…. what was the last checklist/resource/job aid that you developed / commissioned?


What has the feedback been?

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